Zion Society aspires to ensure that each of its member is empowered! Members can possess the ability to combat depression, poverty and powerlessness. Members will gain knowledge of the power to alter their social situation(s) through spiritual magical work and create any reality they desire. As a member you will benefit from:

  • Increased wealth creation
  • Business opportunities
  • Applying the Laws of Attraction to your life
  • Overcoming illness
  • Overcoming your fears and insecurities
  • Removal of all negative/evil forces from your life
  • You will be taught how to maintain inner calm no matter what kind of obstacles you are being confronted with
  • Secure jobs and gain control in your working environment
  • Using your hidden powers to win
  • Protection and Power

We invite you to join our fast growing spiritual family at Zion Society. In this Society we recognize magic and spiritual root work as another important field of mastery just as Medicine, Architecture, Law etc. We place heavy emphasis on using magic to compel the assistance of divine powers. With these powers we can influence, be in command and predict our destinies. We all have the right to pursue our own happiness, goals, dreams and desires. Join us and let us help you to take control of your life. Let us steer you into the right path to prosperity.

We Are Our Brother’s Keeper. One For All. All For One

About Magic In Egypt

The archaic Egyptian civilization was legendary not only for the architectural marvels like the sphinx and pyramids they built, their Pharaohs and mummies, Egyptian gods, goddesses and astrology, but additionally for the compelling magic they practiced for centuries.  Its were those outlandish and rhythmic chants and cosmic invocations chanted by witch medicos and abstruse rites and rituals performed by priests which contribute to the enchanting and the heady charm that the antediluvian Egyptian civilization still holds for many of us.

The archaic Egyptians, regardless of which convivial strata they belonged to, were preoccupied with magic spells and charms, with the supernatural and with death. Archaic Egyptian Magic Spells were chanted by magicians, who additionally made cosmic invocations, to ward off evil spirits, illness,  peril and  to remedy ailments. In fact, these are the stuff that makes archaic Egyptian culture so abstruse, richly fascinating and thrilling to millions of romantics around the world.

Egyptian Magic Spells

The The Egyptians utilize the Book of the Dead that consisted of over two hundred Archaic Egyptian Magic Spells that could avail those acclimated with magic and spells, to surmount and subjugate the threats posed by the underworld – how to vanquish or eschew demons, how to evade traps, how to surmount fearful  wild beasts and so on.

Included in the Book of the Dead is a rather potent spell for transformation – a spell that enabled an individual to transform himself into sundry types of creatures like a honed snake or a mythical phoenix. Just to make you aware, to pass the hurdle of the Day of Judgment one required the avail of the cryptic spells.

In order to ensure a safe passage and move through the frighteningly eerie tribulations and tribulations laid out by the Underworld, the correct magic spells had to be recited opportunely. Only then one could gain the passport to enter the next phase – the Hall of Two Truths where people would be judged and examined for all the actions they committed during their mortal lives.

The magician priests in antediluvian Egypt had access to peculiar and secret spells which could make a mundane archaic Egyptian immortal. Naturally, people in antediluvian Egypt doted to believe that they could endow life to animal figures and transform living people into bestial creatures and perform other such miracles with the avail of Archaic Egyptian Magic Spells.


Occultism designates the study of the occult. In several components of the world it is called by many different names but in essence is identically tantamount thing. I am sure some individuals are familiar these designations before. Voodoo in Haiti , Obeah in Jamaica, hoodoo in Orleans in north America , and in Latin American countries its recognized as Santeria.

The practice of Occultism was brought to the Caribbean by African slaves and the best spiritualist and Voodoo priest can be found in Haiti and Jamaica. Occultist call themselves by many designations and some of these are , obeah man , voodoo medico or voodoo priest and hoodoo queen. Occultism goes back thousands of years before the advent of Christianity or the Christian error. Before  occultism was elevated there was what we call paganism which is a Christian term to describe any worship other than the Christian Christ or Christian religion and early humans worshiped nature that is mother earth and we refer to these early humans  and even in modern times as pagans, the worship of nature and other Gods other than the Christian God as paganism.

But let us not confuse Gods with the Christian definition of God. Civilizations like the Mesopotamians and then later great civilizations namely Egypt, Persia , Babylonia, Samaria etc. these great civilizations knew about the occult or the spirit world because man is both spirit and matter utilizing a Jamaican term Duppy or in America ghost. But these are just spirits, we give these negative names to anything that runs contrary to our Christian notions and how we were raised by our parents but these spirits are a component of life and the cosmos. Spirits can never be eradicated because this was made so by divine providence.